Denon DP-51F

Denon DP-51F Turntable

Denon DP-51F turntable


The Denon DP-51F turntable is quartz Fully-Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable. Its characteristics are very good, a very favorable signal-to-noise ratio >78dB. Superb sound quality for this vintage vinyl turntable, a Denon turntable which is recommended for a quality vintage hifi system.


Turntable: fully-auto,
Engine: AC servo motor,
Training: Servo controlled direct drive,
Turntable: Aluminum die-cast; 300 mm
Speed control system: Speedservo
by frequency and phase servo control,
Speeds: 33 et 45 rpm,
Speeds deviation: below 0.002%,
Wow and flutter: +/-0.01% WRMS
Rumble signal to noise ratio:>78dB,
Automatic mechanism: Electronically
controlled fully automatic,
Tonearm: dynamically balanced,
straight tube tonearm,
Cartridge weight: 3 to 12g,
Tonearm: Statically-balIanced s-shaped
Dimensions: 455 x 130 x 424mm,
Weight: 9kg,
Year of production: 1982-83

At 425 dollars (1982)