McIntosh MA 6900 - 2000 / 2005


Exclusive McIntosh Power Assurance System Power Guard® Clipping Protection Sentry Monitor® Current Protection Thermal Protection DC Failure Protection Turn-On Delay Soft Start Inrush Protection Illuminated Peak-Responding Wattmeters Silent Electromagnetic Switching Precision-Trimmed Volume Control Exclusive McIntosh 5-Band Equalizer Control Data Outputs Remote Power Control

MA6900 Integrated Amplifier


Great for touching up an old recording, or taming the acoustics of a problem room.


One set of balanced inputs, main preamp-out/amp-in connection and two additional switched preamp outputs are included. The ability to drive speaker loads down to 2 Ohms make this the perfect amplifier for driving multiple pairs of speakers.


The ultra-quiet McIntosh phono stage for moving magnet cartridges is built-in. If desired, this input may be changed to an "aux" high level input in seconds.


With the addition of optional McIntosh sensors, the amplifier and other McIntosh components can be operated from additional rooms. Complete your system with a McIntosh tuner and a McIntosh CD changer.

McIntosh MA 6900


A Tradition of Excellence

"the power you want and the flexibility
you need all combined in a single component"

Designed to deliver a continuous 200 Watts per channel, the MA6900 also provides selection and control of 6 input sources, including one balanced input and selectable moving-magnet phono stage. Loudness compensation, 5-band equalizer, precision trimmed volume control and two sets of switched outputs add to the list of features of this integrated amplifier.

Unique in the world of solid-state amplifiers, the MA6900 utilizes an autoformer at the output of each channel. The autoformer provides an ideal match for all types of speakers, regardless of their impedance, and allows the MA6900 to always deliver all of its rated 200 Watts per channel. Whether your speakers are 8, 4 or 2 Ohms, the exclusive McIntosh output autoformer ensures that you will always get all of the power that you pay for.

The preamp section of the MA6900 utilizes encapsulated switching, which reduces noise to the vanishing point. Instead of taking the music signal "for a ride" through long wires and open connections that can oxidize and become intermittent with age, all input switching in the MA6900 is done using sealed electromagnetic switches located close to the input jacks. Filled with an inert gas, these glass-encapsulated devices cannot oxidize and never need cleaning.

McIntosh MA 6900 McIntosh MA 6900

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