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Luxman L-509X⇒

The Luxman L-509X is an hi-fi device impressive by its look, it is a class AB amplifier of 120 watts per channel or 2x 240 w/4 ohms. Frequency response: 20Hz to 100kHz, a beautiful hi-fi amplifier from Japanese engineering.

Thorens TD 1601⇒

The Thorens TD 1601 turntable is a semi-automatic belt drive model, it takes the style and design of its ancestor, the Thorens TD 160 from 1972.

Leak Stereo 130⇒

Leak we come back with an amplifier, the Stereo 130, this brand of the 30s well known to hifists in the 60s, 70s resuscitated with a very vintage style device, taking the aspect of its ancestor the stereo 30 Plus. The performances are revised upward of course and are not comparable, especially the connectors!

Yamaha A-S701⇒

With a vintage aesthetic, especially on the aluminum front, its famous rectangular buttons give it that family feel. Vintage is fashionable at Yamaha

Miracord 90⇒

The Miracord 90 Anniversary Turntable recalls what the brand was known for before speakers became the dominant category, but only oldsters will remember the ELAC turntables that were in production from 1948 until the late '70s..

Schneider LED 32⇒

Schneider offers you its Vintage Feeling's TV to bring a retro touch to your decoration without giving in to modern technology. This red version fits perfectly into your contemporary interior.

Focal Aria 936⇒

Focal Aria 936 speakers, they will delight the most demanding music lovers...

Elipson Prestige 3i⇒

The Elipson Prestige 3i speakers are beautiful and excellent loudspeakers...

Elipson Heritage XLS15⇒

The Elipson Heritage XLS15, when vintage is a source of inspiration!

Eltax PWR 1959⇒

The return of the great boomers, the nostalgia for high fidelity of the 1970s.

Magnat Transpuls 1500⇒

If you enjoy the vintage sound of the 60′s, 70′s, this speaker is for you

Klipsch Heresy IV⇒

The Klipsch Heresy IV loudspeaker is an American three-way loudspeaker, a model dating back to 1957.