Pioneer PL 112D

Pioneer PL 112D Turntable

Pioneer PL 112D (1976-77)

The Pioneer PL 112D turntable is of the belt drive type, it is fully manual and has two speeds. Its characteristics are good, a favorable signal-to-noise ratio >63dB, and is equipped with a high-quality phonocaptor cell. It allows the amateur to have a serious basis to build a vintage stereo system. The PL 112D is one of the Pioneer turntables designed both for economy and everall record reproduction.


Engine: four-pole synchronous motor,
Training: Belt-drive, manual turntable
Wow and flutter: +/-0.07% WRMS
Rumble signal to noise ratio:>63dB,
Cartridge weight: 4 to 10g,
Tonearm: Statically-balIanced s-shaped
Speeds: 33 et 45 rpm,
Dimensions: 440 x 159 x 362mm,
Weight: 5.2kg,
Year of production: 1976-77