Pioneer SA-706

Pioneer SA-706 Amplificateur

Pioneer SA-706 Amplificateur



Power (RMS) 2 X 60w/8 ohms
Power Band: 20Hz/20Khz
Freq response: 20Hz/40kHz +0,04%
Intermodulation distortion: 0,04%
Damping Factor: 40 - 8 ohms
Input Sensitivity Phono: 2.5 mV
Input Sensitivity Tuner: 150 mV
Input Sensitivity Aux: 150 mV
Input Sensitivity Tape In: 150 mV
Output Impedance: 4 to 16 ohms
Output Line: 150mV
Signal to Noise Ratio Phono MM: 86 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Aux: 95 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Tape: 95 dB

Dimensions: 420 x 147 x 327 mm
Weight: 10.5 Kg

Transistors Equiv Other
2SA720 BCW37-2N2904 BC638-KT639G
2SC869 BX21-2N1990R KT604A-KSC2310
2SD737 2SC2766-2SD3546 2SC2526
2SC1913 BUW40A-2N5102 KT704A
2SB701S BD246F-2N6030 KT865A
2SA913 2SA698-2N5415S KT505A
2SC1885 BF422-NTE399 2SC2631
2SA912 BF423-NTE288 2SA1123
2SD712 BD243C KT819G
2SB682 BD244C-2N6247 KT816G
2SC1919 BC184-2N4137 KT315D
2SA978 BC214-2N34946 KT3108A
Diodes Equiv Other
1S2471 1SS131-1SS252 BA219-1N4148
1S2473 1SS133-1SS252 BAW62-DX0048CE
1K261 NTE110A
1S2076 1N4148 1S2075
MZ140 NTE5023A
MZ130 NTE5022A
SR3AM-8 NTE125