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Quad 34 preamplifier on vintageshifi.com, Quad 34, the top of hifi technology, a very good preamplifier, manufactured by English manufacturer Quad from 1982 to 1996, this Quad 34 Classic British vintage hi-fi Pre-amp is a little wonder, the Quad control unit 34 is the inseparable device of 405, they are made for each other.

With the English manufacturer Quad, the presentations are quickly made. This one very rarely does a new device, which then becomes immediately a particularly attractive pole endearing from the world of hifi, after the Quad 405 amplifier, which has caused a lot to flow again ink by the ingenuity of his conception technical, here is the new kid. Technically speaking, Quad remains true to its image by using components mounted in an extremely simple and neat way, but without any particular trick or technical innovation as was the case for the Quad 405.

The Quad 34 control unit preamplifier has inputs for pickup, tape, recorder, radio tuner and a fourth, which is intended primarily, for a compact disc player, but may also be used for a second radio tuner or for record:replay with a two head cassette recorder. The chosen input is selected by pushbuttons and amplified to power amplifier input level. Filter, Tilt and Bass controls enable the listener to correct for certain room effects and programme balance.

Quad 34

Number 17644 manufactured between 1986 and 1987

pdfQuad 34 Service Manual V1.2 34-pages

pdfQuad 34 Service Data Manual 37 pages

pdfQuad 34 Owners Manual V1 17-pages

pdfQuad 34 Owners Manual V2 17-pages

DIY - Change capacitors - Quad 34


Total Harm Distortion: 0,05%/30-20Khz
Residual noise: 105 dB
Frequency response: +/- 3 dB
F-resp-Disc RIAA: +/- 5 dB

Dimensions: 321 x 64 x 207 mm
Weight: 3.2 Kg