Quad Fm4 (1)

Quad fm4

Quad fm4 Tuner (1982-1995)

A vintage Quad fm4 tuner on vintageshifi.com, the Quad fm4, the top of the vintage hifi tuner. The Quad FM4 is designed as a high quality stereo system and is therefore an essential part of vintage equipment for any serious music listener. A tuner manufactured from 1982 to 1995.

The FM4 is a wonderful tuner of audiophile quality, good audio qualities. A digital display in green color, a sober and unadorned design. It has a sensitivity of 25 µV for stereo reception, which is still a good signal today. An excellent device for building a vintage stereo system.

Quad fm4

Number 30959 manufactured between 1990 and 1991

pdfQuad fm4 Brochure

pdfQuad fm4 Service Manual

pdfQuad fm4 Owners Manual

pdfQuad fm4 battery

⇒Battery of replacement for the Quad FM4

⇒The battery is no longer needed and can be removed

IC1 Processor IC for Quad FM4
New development by Quad, Huntingdon
Pre-programmed processor
SMD IC with SMD-DIL adaptor and DIL socket
The battery is no longer needed and can be removed
14 instead of 7 radiostations can be programmed


Frequency range: 88-108 Mhz
Sensitivity: 30dB qieting/mono 1µv
Sensitivity: 50dB qieting/mono 2.7µv
Sensitivity stereo: 25µv
Full Limiting: ‹1µv
Signal/Noise: Mono/76dB
Signal/Noise: Stereo/70dB
Distortion Input mono: 0.15%
Distortion Input stereo: 0.15%
Output level: 100mV (30% modulation)
Frequency response: 20/15 khz +/- 1dB
Dimensions: 321 x 64 x 207 mm
Weight: 3 Kg