Saba 8090

Saba 8090 Receptor AM/FM

Saba 8090 Receptor




Tuning range: FM, MW, LW, KW.
Tuning range FM: 87 to 104 Mhz
Tuning range KW: 5.9 to 18.9 Mhz
Tuning range MW: 510 to 1630 Khz
Tuning range LW: 140 to 360 Khz
Sensitivity: 1.4 µV
Selectivity: > 57 dB
Stereo Separation: > 38 dB - 1Khz


Power output: (RMS) 2 X 45w/8 ohms
Frequency response: 10Hz/40kHz
Output Impedance: 8 ohms
Total Harmonic output: 0,1%/8 ohms

Dimensions: 660 x 130 x 300mm
Weight: 15Kg

Transistors Equiv Other
BF246A BF348
BF240 2SC394-BF454 BF394
AF106 AF109R-2N3783 GT328B
BF237 BF185 NTE108
BC107A BC237B-BC147 2N5825-BC546
BC107B BC237B-BC147 2N5825-BC546
BF245A 2N3819-2N5950 2N3823
BF256A BF245B NTE133
BF256C BF245B NTE133
BF241 BF160-BF115 BF235
BC238B BC548-2N5825 KT3102V-BC438
BF237B BF185 NTE108
BC173B BC239-2N5827 KT373A-BC109
BC514B BC307-2N6015 KT345A-BC153
BC238C BC548-2N5825 KT3102V-BC438
BC413 BC239-2N5827 KT315B-BC184
BC413B BC239-2N5827 KT315B-BC184
BD517 BD525-2N5192 KT815V
2N3055 BD210-2N3713 KT819GM-BDX10
BC307B BC157-2N6015 KT3107B
MPSA06 MPS8099 NTE287
BC308B BC556B-2N6015 KT3107G
BD518 BD526-2N5195 KT814V
BD177 BD237-2N4923 KT817V
BC307A BC157-2SA522 2N6015-KT3107B
BD176 BD238-2N4920 1KT816B
Int Circuit Equiv Other
MC1305P SN76105