Sansui SR 222 MkII

Sansui SR-222 MKII Stereo Turntable

Sansui SR 222 MkII (1979-80)

The Sansui SR 222 Mk2 turntable is of the manual type, two speed, belt driven. Its performance is good, as well as that of the magnetic reading cell which its manufacturer has provided and which it also manufactures. Its presentation is of a beautiful finish and a sobriety allowing to include it without difficulties in any living room.


Engine: four-pole synchronous motor,
Training: Belt-drive, manual turntable
Wow and flutter: +/-0.045% WRMS
Rumble signal to noise ratio:>68dB,
Cartridge weight: 4 to 10g,
Tonearm: Statically-balIanced s-shaped
Speeds: 33 et 45 rpm,
Dimensions: 452 x 139 x 370mm,
Weight: 6kg,
Year of production: 1979-80