Sony TA-F4A

Sony TA-F4A Amplifier

Sony TA-F4A Amplifier (1979-1980)


Power (RMS) 2X40w/8 ohms
Power Bandwidth IHF: 5Hz/35Khz
Freq response: 5hz/100kHz +/- 0.5dB
Total Harm Distortion: 0,3%/8 ohms
Intermodulation distortion: 0,3%
Damping Factor: 35 - 8 ohms
Input sensitivity Phono MM: 2.5 mV
Input Sensitivity Tuner: 150 mV
Input Sensitivity Aux: 150 mV
Input Sensitivity Tape In: 150 mV
Signal to noise ratio Phono MM: 80dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Aux: 100 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Tape: 100 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Tuner: 100 dB
Output Impedance: 4 to 8 ohms
Output Line: 150mV,

Dimensions: 410 x 145 x 310mm
Weight: 7.2 Kg

Transistors Equiv Other
2SC632A BC347-2SC536 2N4401-KT315A
2SA771 BD244B-TIP42B 2N5613-KT818G
2SC1986C BD243C-TIP41B 2N6131-KT802A
2SC634A BC347-2SC536 2N4401-KT315A
2SA678 BCW37 2N2904-KT639G
2SA705 NTE290A
2SC2129 BC174-2N6375 KY633A
Integ circ Equivalents Other
Diodes Equivalents Other
1S1555 NTE177
U05G NTE5806
EQB01-25 NTE5082A
1S2076A NTE519