Vintage hifi: Shopping tips

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An important consideration, it is better to choose a brand for its qualities, its seriousness in design, the musicality of its devices. The important this is the ear!

Amplifiers, Tuners, Receivers: Some good vintage brands and even very good for some: Accuphase, McIntosh, Luxman, Sansui, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Quad, Sae, Onkyo, Teac, Tandberg, Pioneer, Nikko, Rotel, Phase Linear, Nad, Scott, Yamaha, etc...

Loudspeakers: Tannoy, Bower Wilkins, Cabasse, Elipson, Kef, Jbl, Celestion, Klipsch, 3A, etc...

Recorders: Revox, Tascam, Nagra, Teac, Technics, Sony, etc...

Turntables: Some brands of turntables: Thorens, Technics, Lenco, Dual, Barthe, etc...


It is best to choose, a model that does is not entry level. This is also true on a machine manufactured nowadays.


The golden age of High fidelity, this is the period from the late 1960s to the year 1985. The plastic began to appear late 70 's and the beautiful and thick aluminium facades, to disappear in the 80's. Manufacturing to the economy and even perhaps programmed obsolescence began with the 1980s.
You really have to be aware quibbles buy a vintage device in a State of origin and aged 40 years or more, will probably lead to a disappointment. You have to listen to this device, this is the only way to know if it works well. Prudence for a purchase on EBAY, there are bargains, but question your seller. Prefer the restored appliances in full, earlier than revised. Revised, it doesn't mean much! Usually the device will have its contacts cleaned (potentiometers, switches), probably a dust removal, and for a price that does not worth the candle! A device restored in the rules of art, this is the guarantee of owning a device that has recovered all its musical qualities, this is a device where the most sensitive components of ageing will have been changed and where the risk of failure will have Distant. A single overhaul, this is Russian roulette, the does outage may be a lot farther, and an overall cost (purchase, troubleshooting) in the end much more expensive.

With the speakers, listening is indispensable, attention to the state of the loudspeaker suspensions. It is possible to remake a membrane, even to change an original HP, but it is still necessary that this one can be available.
This is the whole point! It is necessary to look for speakers in very beautiful state of preservation.
Well-known brand enclosures: JBL, Cabasse, KEF, BOWER WILKINS, ELIPSON, TANNOY, 3 A, CELESTION, etc... And favor the three lanes. If not go your way and head on to the new, very big progress has been made on the speakers but there this is a matter of budget.

Noise when the appliance is switched on and off. Defective capacitor on the power switch.Change the capacitor, if not troubleshoot.
No sound. Bad connections, bad contacts on a switch failure on an internal circuit. Check connections, deoxidize the contacts of switches, do help out.
Single channel works. Bad connections, bad contacts on switches, failure on an internal circuit. Check the connections, deoxidize the contacts of switches, do help out.
The sound cuts suddenly light turned on sector. Son loudspeakers touch, fuses, broken down on an internal circuit. Check the connections and fuses, do help out.
Spitting on potentiometer. Fouling, faulty potentiometer Cleaning, change of the concerned potentiometer.
Breath by pushing the volume button. Incorrect connection, an internal circuit failure. Check the connection, internal circuits to troubleshoot.
Hum constantly. Incorrect connection, mass problem, circuit power Check the connections, turntable to be connected on Terminal GND, interference on HP, do help out.
The stereo light does not ignite. Bulb defective, faulty stereo decoder To verify the bulb, circuit interns to make repair.
Stereo led on continuously. Faulty stereo decoder, dodgy DIY. Internal circuit to troubleshoot.
Insufficient lighting of the dial of your tuner. Defective bulbs. Check and predict the change of light bulbs.
Needle of seen meter does not work any more. Defective meter The label in the bottom of the dial blocks the needle (Scott), find a used meter, to make repair.
Not enough bass. Reverse Polarity to HP Connect the wires loudspeakers respecting the + and the -.
Low noise level during playback of vinyl. Bad connection, bad selection MM - MC Check the connections, check the type of cell, so magnetic or ceramic.