HH Scott 345

Scott Receiver 345

HH Scott Receiver 345



American manufacturing
Tuning range: FM (mpx).
16 Tubes
FM: 88/108 Mhz
Cross Modulation Rejection: 80 dB
Sensibility FM IHF: 2.3 µV
Capture Ratio: 6dB
Selectivity: 35dB
Stereo Separation: 30dB
Tape Output: 0.5v
Power output: 2X18w/8 ohms
Frequency response: 32Hz/20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%
Input sensitivity Phono: 3.0mV(MM)
Signal/noise ratio Phono: 60dB
Dimensions: 17"1/2 X 6"1/4 x 16"3/4
Dimensions: 444 x 425 x 158 mm
Weight: 15.4Kg

"press in 1964" The Scott 345 receiver is an exceptional achievement ... even for Scott. It combines characteristics, performance, specifications of separate tuners and amplifiers and sells for less than $350.
Scott . .. where innovation is a tradition!

Scott Stereomaster 345


Tubes Equiv Names
6BS8 ECC88-6BQ7A V6
6U8 6U8A-ECF82 V7-V10A-V10B
6EJ7 EF184 V8-V9
6HU6 EM87 V12
6M11 V11B-V11C
ECC83 12AX7-CV492 V1-V2A-V2B-V101
12AX7 ECC83 V1-V2A-V2B-V101
6D10 CV9835 V3A-V3B-V3C
6D10 CV9835 V103A-V103B-V103C
7591 7591A V4-V5-V104-V105