HH Scott 348B

Scott receiver 388B

HH Scott 348B Receiver



American manufacturing
Tuning range: FM mpx
FM: 87/109 Mhz
Usable Sensitivity FM IHF: 1.5 µV
Signal/noise ratio FM: 65dB
Capture Ratio: 1.9
Selectivity: 45dB
Separation: 40dB
Tape Output: 0.5v
Power output: 2X40w/8 ohms
Frequency response: 15Hz/30kHz
Power bandwitch (hz): 25Hz/20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%
Input sensitivity Phono: 3, 6, 9 mV
Signal/noise ratio Phono: 65dB
Signal/noise ratio Tape: 52dB
Signal/noise ratio Aux: 80dB
Damping Factor: 20
Dimensions: 17"1/4 X 5"1/4 x 13"1/2
Dimensions: 438 x 133 x 342 mm
Weight: 9,5 Kg - 21,5 Lbs
1968 Price:$ 529,95

The audio section is exactly identical to the 388B. The alignment of the 348B, FM section can be followed when aligning the 388B. The only difference between the 348B and the 388B is the number of radio waveband. The 348B only has FM.

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Scott Stereomaster 348B

Scott Stereomaster 348B

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Transistors Equiv Other
2N2924 NTE85-MPSA06 NTE123A
2N2925 NTE199 SE4010-QA15
2N3964 2N4249-NTE159 2N4250
2N3567 NTE123
QA10 NTE128 2N4239
QA14 NTE123AP FQA14N30
QA15 2N2925 SE4010
QA17 NTE129
2N3711 QA15-SE4010 NTE199
Int circuit Equiv Other
µ703 NTE703A