Scott 410A Amplifier

Scott Amplifier 410A

Scott Amplifier 410A (1978-1981)


Japanese manufacturing
Power (RMS) 2X30w/8 ohms
Harm Distortion output: 0,1%
Frequency Response: 15Hz/30Khz
Input Sensitivity Phono: 2,5 mV
Input Sensitivity Tuner: 150 mV
Input Sensitivity Aux: 150 mV
Input Sensitivity Tape In: 150 mV
Signal to Noise Phono: 85 dB
Signal to Noise Tuner: 90 dB
Signal to NoiseTape In: 90 dB
Signal to Noise Aux: 90 dB
Damping Factor: 40 at 8 ohms
Output Impedance: 4/16 ohms

Dimensions: 430 x 217 x 132 mm
Weight: 7 Kg

Scott 410A Stereo Integrated Vintage Amplifier

Scott 410A Stereo Integrated Vintage Amplifier

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Transistors Equiv Other
2SA798 NTE43 2SA979
2SC1685 NTE85 BC546B
2SC1509 NTE297 BD139
2SA777 BSV17 NTE298
2SA1102 NTE37
2C1318 NTE128-BCW36 BC337-2N4410
2SC1885 2SC589 NTE399-KSC2310
2SA720 NTE290A BC327/16
2SC2577 NTE36