Amplifier SCOTT 490S

Scott Amplifier 490S - 1972-74


SCOTT 490S  

100% American made product backed by H.H.Scott's decades-old reputation for engineering innovation and integrity assures un excelled performance
and trouble free long life.

SCOTT 490S  


Amplifier Section

Continuous Power (RMS) 70 W at 8 ohms per channel (0,5 % THD, 20-20 Kz)
Continuous Power (RMS) 100 watts at 4 ohms per channel
Harmonic at rated output: 0,5%
Frequency Response, +/- 1dB at 10 Watts: 15 to 30 Khz
IHF power bandwidth: 15 to 40 Khz
Hum and noise, high level inputs: -75dB
Hum and noise, lowgh level inputs: -65dB
Load Impedance: 4 ohms or higher
Damping factor: 30

Audio Section

Input Sensitivity

Phono high level: 8 mV
Phono low level: 4 mV
Microphone: 5,5 mV
Tape extra: 0,55 V

Input Impedance

Phono: 47 Kohms
Microphone: 47 Kohms
Tape: 50 Kohms
Extra: 50 Kohms

Power Line Requirements

Line voltage and frequency: 105-125 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption at 117 VAC: 500 watts max


Dimensions: 444 x 394 x 152 mm
Weight: 16,3 Kg

Scott top quality

H H Scott