HH Scott 499

Scott Amplifier 499

HH Scott 499 Amplifier



American manufacturing
Quadraphonic amplifier
Power (RMS) 4X35w/8 Ω
Power (RMS) 4X45w/4 Ω
Total harmonic distortion: <0,5%
Total harmonic intermodulation: 0,4%
Frequency Response: 15/30.000 Hz ± 1dB
Input sensitivity Phono: 3mV/6mV/47 KΩ
Input sensitivity Micro: 10mV/≤100 KΩ
Input sensitivity Tuner: 500mV/200 KΩ
Input sensitivity Aux: 500mV/200 KΩ
Input sensitivity tape: 350mV/200 KΩ
Signal/noise ratio Phono: 60dB
Signal/noise ratio Tuner, Tape In: 80dB
Signal/noise ratio Aux: 80dB
Output Impedance: 4/16 ohms
Damping factor: 30

Dimensions: 460 x 157 x 310 mm
Weight: 12,5 Kg

Scott Stereomaster 499 Quadrant

Scott Stereomaster 499 Quadrant

Scott Stereomaster 499 Quadrant

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Besides tape recorders, the first four-channel stereo component to hit the market is the Scott 499. This is because it combines two stereo integrated amplifiers, each rated at 35 watts RMS per channel on an 8 ohm load, with controls of individual tones for each channel. Balance controls left to right and front to back. High and low filters, and of course an unusually elaborate mode switching system to make the unit compatible with both standard two-channel stereo and with mono inputs. Four mic jacks are proud, as are the separate VU meters for each channel. The stereo headphone jacks offer a choice of front or rear channels.