HH Scott 631

Scott receiver 631

HH Scott 631 Receiver



American manufacturing
Tuning range: FM
FM: 87/108 Mhz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%
Usable Sensitivity FM IHF: 2.0 µV
Frequency response: 30Hz/15kHz +/- 1dB
Selectivity: 42dB
Capture ratio: 2,5dB
Separation: >40dB
Cross Modulation Rejection: 80dB
Tuning range: AM: 535/1620 Khz
Power output: 2X18w/8 ohms
Frequency response: 18Hz/25kHz +/- 1dB
Power bandwitch (IHF method): 25Hz/20kHz
Tape Output: 0,5V - 47Kohms
Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%
Hum and noise Phono: 55dB
Input sensitivity Phono: 3.0mV(MM)
Signal/noise ratio Phono: 60dB
Signal/noise ratio Line: 80dB
Dimensions: 15"1/16 X 4"3/8 x 11"3/4
Dimensions: 382 x 111 x 298 mm
Weight: 7,7 Kg - 17 Lbs
1971 Price:$ 199,95

circuits identical to 342B and 382B same characteristics.

Scott . .. where innovation is a tradition!

Scott Stereomaster 631

Scott Stereomaster 631

Scott Stereomaster 631

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