Scott Amplifier model A437 - 1977-79


SCOTT A437  

SCOTT A437  

SCOTT A437  

SCOTT A437  


Power output:

Continuous Power (RMS) 42 watts at 8 ohms per channel


Harmonic at rated output: 0,3%

Input Sensitivity and Impedance:

Phono: 2,5 mV
Micro: 6 mV
Tuner: 160 mV
Aux: 160 mV
Tape In: 160 mV

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Phono: 75 dB
Tuner, Tape In: 85 dB
Aux: 85 dB
Micro: 80 dB
Damping Factor: 35 at 8 ohms
Output Impedance: 4 - 16 ohms (8 ohms nominal)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 400 x 325 x 142 mm
Weight: 10,6 Kg

SCOTT A437  

Scott top quality

H H Scott

Caution The list of transistors is for the 3 models: A417, A437, A457.

Transistors Names Equivalents Approximate Transistors Names Equivalents Approximate
2SC733 BC107-BC182L 2SC372 BC547-BC184L
2SA495 BC178-BC214LB BC205 2SC1000 BC546-BC184L
2SA494 2SA842 BC177 2SA842 BF450 BC557A
2SA661 2N3081-NTE290A 2SC1166 NTE123AP
2SD371 2N2654 2SD428 2N4348
MPSU56 2SA1837 BD140-BD231 MPSU55 BD138-BD229
2SD525 BDT41C 2SD234 BD235
TIP31B NTE291-BD237 MPS9630 BC548C-NTE123
MPS9632 NTE123AP MPS9633 NTE123-2SC732BL
MPS9484 2N2905 MPS9680 BC548-NTE159
MPS9700 NTE123AP MPS9750 NTE159