HH Scott R-306L

Scott Receiver R-306L

HH Scott R-306L Receiver



Japanese manufacturing
Tuning range: FM, MW
FM: 87.5/108 Mhz
MW: 535/1605 Khz
Sensibility FM IHF: 2.2 µV
Power output: 2X15w/8 ohms
Frequency response: 20Hz/20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%
Input sensitivity MM: 2.5mV
Input sensitivity line: 150mV
Signal to noise ratio MM: 75dB
Signal to noise ratio line: 85dB
Damping factor: >35
Dimensions: 126 x 419 x 290mm
Weight: 10.5 kg



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Transistors Equiv Other
2SC733 BC107-BC182L 2N3710-KSC945
2SA495 BC178-BC214LB KSA733
2SC734 NTE289A BC546A
FT3055 NTE331 BDY20-2N3055
MPSA56 NTE159 BC640
MPS9680 BC548-NTE159 BC309-BC559
FCS9016 NTE107
2SK19 2N5485 NTE132
2SC372 BC547-BC184L BC108
2SC1000 BC546-BC184L NTE199
2SD234 NTE152 BD535-BD241A
MPSA05 BC637-BC639 BC337
MPS9630 BC548C BC546-BC168
MPS9633 NTE128-2SC732BL BC413-2SC2240
FCS9018 NTE108
MPSU01 BD515 BD137-BD228
2SC734 NTE289A BC546A
MPSA56 NTE159 BC640
FCS9016 NTE107