HH Scott R-357

Scott Receiver R-357

HH Scott R-357 Receiver



Japanese manufacturing
Tuning range: FM, MW
FM: 87.5/108 Mhz
MW: 535/1606 Khz
Sensibility FM IHF: 1.9 µV
Power output: 2X60w/8 ohms
Power output: 2X82w/4 ohms
Frequency response: 15Hz/35kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%
Input sensitivity MM: 2.5mV
Input sensitivity line: 160mV
Signal to noise ratio MM: 75dB
Signal to noise ratio line: 85dB
Dimensions: 466 x 390 x 142mm
Weight: 12 kg




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Equivalent transistors for models R327, R327L, R337, R357

Transistors Equiv Other
2SA872 BCX30-2N3930 NTE288
2SC1775 BC639-NTE123AP 2N6218
2SC458 NTE85
2SC1213 BSW66-2N4001 NTE289A
2SC1314 2N6166-KT930A NTE199
2SC1344 BC109-2SC689 NTE5210
2SA836 BSW24-2SA781 2N3494-NTE234
MPSA56 NTE159-BC309 BC640
MPS9630 2SC372 NTE85
MPS9633 NTE128-2SC732BL BC413-2SC2240
MPS9680 BC548-NTE159 BC309-BC559
MPS96321 NTE123AP
2SA844 BSW24-2N3494 2SA781-NTE234
2SD478 BU409 KT841A-NTE375
2SD608 BD239D-KT841A NTE375
MPSA06 NTE287 BC639
2SB616 2SA663-2N6228 KT818G
2SD586 KT819G
2SB628 2N6211 NTE398
2SC1514 NTE376
2SB611 BD246D-2N6230 KT887B-NTE281
2SD581 BDX51-2N4348 KT808
2SB568 BD240F-2N6211 KT855A
2SC461 BC184L-2N3707 NTE85
2SC535 BFY90-2N2857 KT358B
2SC374 BC548C-2SC373 BC172
2SC1000 BC184-BC546 NTE199
CS9016 NTE108-1
CS9018 NTE108-1
2SC732 BSX46/6-BC327 NTE123AP
2SA494 BC214L-2N4058 2SA701
FCS9015 NTE159
2N5400 BF491-2N5401 KT502E-NTE288
2N5401 BF491-KT502E NTE288
2SD427 BFY74-2N5758 KT808A
2SC1625 BD239C-2N5411 KT943V
2SA815 NTE292
2SD234 NTE152
2N4915 2SD371 NTE130
2SD428 NTE328
2SK19 2N3853 NTE133
3SK45 NTE454
2SK55 NTE312
Int circuits Equiv Other
µA720 NTE744
µA758 NTE743
HA1137 NTE788
HA1138 NTE1494
HA1452 NTE1480
HA1156 NTE801
HA1211 NTE1040
CW01B NTE5402