HH Scott R-74S

Scott Receiver R-74S

HH Scott Receiver R-74S



American manufacturing
Tuning range: AM, FM
FM: 87,5 to 108 Mhz
AM: 535 to 1605 Khz
FM sensitivity: 1,9 uv
FM sensitivity DIN: 1,2 uv
Capture ratio: 1,5dB
Selectivity: 70dB
Power output: 2X40w/8 ohms
Power output: 2X50w/4 ohms
Stereo separation: 36dB/1Khz
Freq response: 8Hz/40kHz
Total harm distortion: 0.3%
Input sensitivity Phono: 2 - 4mV/47Kohms(MM)
Input sensitivity Aux: 380mV/50Kohms
Input sensitivity Tuner: 380mV/50Kohms
Input sensitivity Tape: 380mV/50Kohms
Signal/noise ratio Phono: 70dB (MM)
Signal/noise ratio Line: 80dB
Dimensions: 485 x 145 x 465mm
Weight: 12,5 Kg
95 transistors, 22 diodes, 2 integrated circuits.

1975 Price:$ 369,95

Scott Receiver R-74S

Scott Receiver R-74S

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