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Hermon Hosmer Scott was a pioneer of the American Hi-Fi industry.

Founder of the company of the same name, Hermon Hosmer Scott, founded in 1947 the HH Scott Inc, it was one of the best brands of high fidelity devices in the United States, mainly during the tube hifi era, where it acquires an international reputation. The company SCOTT with more than 150 patents was in particular the first to create in 1947 the first hifi amplifier manufactured in series, to introduce in 1961, the automatic multiplex stereo decoder the "FFC" (automatic frequency control) of which certain units were sold. in kit. In 1964, the "FET" field-effect transistor in FM then AM, to be fitted in 1966 to SCOTT devices with integrated circuits, to be launched in 1969, the first quadraphonic amplifier on the market: the SCOTT 499, and to be created in 1975 the digital fm tuner, the device which at the time was the most precise in the world. Hermon Hosmer Scott, died on April 13, 1975, in Lincoln, Massachusetts, after a long illness at the age of 66. The famous hifi brand was bought out and now belongs to the Emerson Electronics group which owns it. Since 1999, Scott has been manufacturing equipment (radios, car radios, MP3s, videos), which is produced by its subsidiary Alfa Group from Hong Kong. The vintage SCOTT hifi is now sought after by collectors around the world.

Scott at the time was more than a technology, a signature!