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Hermon Hosmer Scott was a pioneer in the American Hi-Fi industry.


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History of H.H.Scott American Company

Hermon Hosmer Scott founded his company in 1947, the H.H.Scott Inc.

It all began in 1947.

1947: while the last phonographs barely leave room for the record players, Scott launches in the U.S. market, the first high fidelity amplifier made in series. High fidelity was born. The role of forerunner, assumed by the creative imagination, energy and tenacity of a man, Hermon Hosmer Scott, would never leave him. More than 150 patents filed worldwide attest to this. History of high fidelity is full of technological innovations signed Scott.

1961: Scott was the first to introduce automatic stereo multiplex decoder,
the "FFC" (automatic frequency control).

1964: Scott introduced the "FET transistor" field in FM and AM effect.

1966: Scott team all its devices to integrated circuits.

1969: Scott launches on the market the first quadraphonic amplifier.

1970: Scott launches the first most accurate digital tuner in the world.

The technological innovations signed by SCOTT were neither sophisticated nor superfluous gadgets or accessories. They were indispensable to the achievement of the sole objective, to be as close as possible to the high fidelity, for a perfect restitution of music and sound.

Hermon Hosmer Scott died on April 13, 1975, in Lincoln, Massachusetts, after a long illness at the age of 66 years.

The famous HiFi brand was redeemed and now belongs to the Emerson Electronics group that owns it. Since 1999, Scott manufactures equipment (radios, auto Radio, MP3, videos), this one is produced by its subsidiary Alfa Group from Hong Kong. The vintage SCOTT HiFi is today sought by collectors from all over the world.

Hermon Hosmer Scott was a pioneer in the American Hi-Fi industry.
Scott, at the time was more than a technology, a signature!

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