Quadraphonic Amplifier Marantz 4140

Quadraphonic Amplifier Marantz 4140

Quadraphonic Amplifier Marantz 4140

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Transistors Equivalents Other Transistors Equivalents Other
2SC1327 BC182L-2N5210 NTE 199 2SC1328 BC682L-2N5210 NTE199
2SA720 2N2904-BCW37 NTE290A 2SA722 BC212L-2N4061 NTE234
2SA640 BC214L-2N4058 NTE234 2SC875 BSW54-2N2219A NTE128
2SC945 BC182L-2N3710 2SA733 BC212L-2N4061 NTE290
2SC1382 BD139-2N5192 NTE373 2SA682 BD442-2N5195 NTE298

Exteriorly, the Marantz 4140 model is sleek and functional. The interior is even more wonderful. All the power you want to hold is at your disposal, you can use it in stereo, it will provide more than 70 Watts per channel. If you invert the Power Boost mode button to enjoy the quadraphonic effect, it will provide more than 25 Watts per channel. The "Vari-Matrix" Circuit and its dimension control are incorporated as well as the possibilities for future adaptation. The 4-channel balance control offers a variety of moves from the main listening area, where you want to listen. The appliance is equipped with numerous input and output sockets at the rear of the appliance, allowing the connection of: Occilloscope to 4 traçes, 2 recorders, pre-amplifier outputs and independent power amplifier inputs. The gold anodized front plate and bright black-bottomed dials have excellent contrast and give the 4140 an extremely sophisticated appearance.


Power output:

Continuous Power (RMS) 70 watts x 2 at 8 ohms per channel
Continuous Power (RMS) 25 watts x 4 at 8 ohms (quadraphonic)
Power Band: 20Hz to 20Khz
Output: 150mV (line)
Output Impedance: 8 ohms


Frequency response: 7Hz to 70kHz +/- 1dB
Harmonic at rated output: 0,3%
Damping Factor: 40 - 8 ohms

Input Sensitivity and Impedance:

Phono: 2,0 mV
Tuner: 150 mV
Aux: 150 mV
Tape In: 150 mV

Dimensions: 390 x 146 x 365 mm
Weight: 14.96 Kg

Years: 1973

Quadraphonic Amplifier Marantz 4140

Quadraphonic Amplifier Marantz 4140