Sansui AU 20000

Sansui AU 20000 Amplifier

Sansui AU 20000 Amplifier (1977-1979)


Power (RMS) 2X170w/8 ohms
Power Band: 20Hz/20Khz
Freq response: 10Hz/50kHz +/- 1dB
Total Harm Distortion: 0,05%/8 ohms
Intermodulation distortion: 0,05%
Damping Factor: 80 - 8 ohms
Input sensitivity Phono MM: 3 mV
Input Sensitivity Tuner: 130 mV
Input Sensitivity Aux: 130 mV
Input Sensitivity Tape In: 130 mV
Signal to noise ratio Phono MM: 70dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Aux: 80 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Tape: 80 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Tuner: 80 dB
Output Impedance: 4 to 8 ohms
Channel separation: 60dB
Output Line: 130mV,
Pre out: 0.7V

Dimensions: 460 x 400 x 178 mm
Weight: 23.6 Kg

Transistors Equiv Other
2SA726 2N3906 BC352B
2SC1708 2N6218 BF297
2SC1313 2N3904 BC347A
2SA917 2N5400 BF435
2SC1951 2N5058 BSS38
2SC945 2N3710 BC182L
2SC1312 2N3904 NTE199
2SC1400 2N4271 BSS43
2SA847 2N3930 BF435
2SA818 2N3931 BF463
2SC1628 2N4271 BF460
2SA733 2N4061 BC212L
2SC1811 NTE194 BF422A
2SC1364 2N5210 BC182L
2SA850 2N3496 BC212L
2SC1735 2N4271 BSS43
2SD381 BD241C NTE291
2SD382 NTE291
2SC1585 2N3773 BDX50
2SD424 2N3773 NTE284
2SA908 2N6609 2SA1147
2SB554 KT865A NTE285
2SC1720 2N4271 BF257
2SA839 2N6468 BDX16